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Write and Approach Your “Dream List” of Mentors

How Facebook Landed Bill Gates as an Investor There are mentors, then there are "dream list" mentors. Dream list mentors are the mentors you'd pick if you could choose any mentors on the planet. Landing these kinds of "dream list"

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5 Benefits of Having a Business Mentor

We’ve all heard that having business mentors can help you develop yourself and grow your company. But what is it exactly that these mentors can do for you? How can they help you move your company along? Knowing exactly how

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15 Rules for Web Start-Up Success

1.  Persistence.  To me this is one of the key ingredients to success.  You must be committed to the process of building your business and have the fire, hunger, and passion for creating something.  Coming up with ideas is easy. 

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Trends in Web Start-ups

We can now communicate across the world at the speed of, well, sound.  Worldwide communication is so fast , you can hear about the news in Japan sooner than most people in Japan do if you are watching the right

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The Benefits of Having a Mentor

Starting up a business is hard and a lot of work, it’s certainly harder going it alone. Entrepreneurs starting up a new business should consider the value of having a mentor. Around 90 % of startup businesses fail, but the

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