Idea Partnership is a new breed of venture capital firm, leveraging world-class technology abilities to offer entrepreneurs a a dramatically better option when they are seeking additional capital to build a startup


As experienced venture capital investors and former entrepreneurs, we foundedIdea Partnership to be the ideal co-investor. To that end, we keep it incredibly simple. We make investment decisions in two weeks or less. We don’t take board seats. We’re flexible on investment size, and we offer reliability and transparency about reserves and our intention to follow in future financings.

Bottom line: We provide fast and reliable access to venture capital so teams can spend less time fundraising and more time building their businesses.


Our goal is to generate superior returns by making many smart decisions across a portfolio of U.S. venture co-investments, tilting the odds in our favor on each individual investment. This disciplined approach is strategically designed to produce a portfolio with higher expected returns and lower risk.

Experienced Team

Idea Partnership was founded and is led by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs. Our management team brings decades of successful venture experience and an impressive track record in entrepreneurship and company-building.