Every business is becoming an internet business.

We’ll make sure you don’t get left behind.

They say software is taking over the world. We agree. Without software, it’s becoming harder and harder to make business work. What’s our deal? We’re a rare mix of technical, creative, and business talent that first learns why you do things the way you do them.  Knowing why, we then make sure technology only improves your start-up while measurably boosting your competitive advantage. 

Idea Partnership offers Utah start-ups and entrepreneurs a unique combination of a full-service, corporate office environment, with the excitement of a startup workspace. Our start-ups receive valuable “hands-on” business dev and support services that maximize your chances of success. We provide the resources for young companies to survive and grow during the vulnerable start-up period.  Below are some of the resources we provide:

Operating Capital

Operating capital is often a drain on a new business’ free cash and time and slows down business acceleration. Idea partnership is a resource to handle these operating costs by providing professional workplaces to enable start-ups to put all of its focus on the business aspect for business acceleration and success.

Business Expertise and Mentoring

We offer lean business planning assistance along with free access to proven business expertise and mentoring. This is provided by our hand selected team of established business professionals and successful, seasoned entrepreneurs. We believe that this aspect of the partnership can be more valuable than the capital that we provide in some cases.


Networks, contacts, distribution, and marketing are valuable and vital assets for business acceleration and success.

Please get in touch with us if you think you are a start-up with traction!